As many of you have been asking about my Blogs, I admit to having been in a mini-Winter break! What with Outback trips and planning the next stage of the Life Again journey, its been writer’s block time. Thats all about to change.

But just for a bit of fun, I want to show you a clip of a Speech Tim Minchin made to the University of Western Australia on Graduation Day in 2013. This “sublimely talented, witty, smart and unabashedly offensive” musician and comedian gave the Occasional Speech on the day of his being awarded an honorary doctorate from his old uni.

It is “The Nine Life Lessons” as seen through his very sharp eyes. I particularly like them because of the Truth that surrounds the Irreverence of some of his “similes and obscure aphorisms.”  He may make light of some of the topics and his presentation skills may seen harebrained, a little skittish. But behind them is a depth of meaning that comes from a man with a real feel for this life. It is simpler than we make it: it is tougher as well. But its what life is all about.

Take the time.