My understanding of business, regardless of what I do, is that I am basically a problem solver for my clients – that is, I assist them to achieve their objectives in a professional, ethical and efficient manner.

In many instances, my clients have emotional as well as business needs, therefore my approach is holistic rather than only being specific to the business deal. By taking a genuine personal interest in the wellbeing of my clients, I create a relationship that is far beyond the ‘superficial’ – it becomes one of ‘caring’.

So often the nature of doing business is hampered because of personal issues.

I believe that trust is born through taking the time to understand my clients, their family, health, hobbies and interests so that there can be greater meaning and wisdom in the time we spend together, and most importantly, so that we can learn from each other.

I find that we are so caught up in the fast paced environment in which we live that we don’t take the time to develop genuine, heartfelt connections. So much of our daily interactions have become superficial technical dialogue. As a result, we have lost the art of “authentic relationships”.

As a demonstration of the value held in people’s personal stories and wisdom, I have been facilitating a monthly breakfast for the last two years known as “Insight Management Forum” (IMF). These forums include national and International guest speakers who share their story, life experiences and personal insights that influence positive change. They provide an open and trusted environment for professionals to connect, share and explore solutions – they are not training sessions or business lectures!!

The popularity of the breakfasts have proven that professionals are craving wisdom, personal insight and the opportunity to positively change their lives on many levels.

Some of the benefits people gain from IMF include:

    • The absence of hierarchy – people tend to engage in more open and meaningful discussions.
    • The potential to learn about life through other people’s stories, wisdom & interaction of ideas and solutions.
    • Develop better relationships – not just motivated by commercial benefit.
    • Simply the feel good factor and how people’s experience and wisdom can make a major difference to others.
    • The greatest gift we can pass on from one generation to another is our wisdom and experiences.

Anthony Chiminello is the Director of Bridgeworld International, an independent property consultancy acting on behalf of local and offshore clients for the sale, acquisition and consultancy of commercial and residential real estate.

The facilitator of a monthly breakfast Forum titled “Insight Management Forum”, Anthony aims to connect professionals and share wisdom for life’s challenges.

Anthony’s recently published poetry book in the form of a “Calendar for Life” is a cross cultural publication including 52 weekly poems on wisdom for self development with accompanying illustrations based on the theme of harmony by school children throughout Asia.