Ten months on from our inaugural LifeAgain trip to Italy, I would like to share my musings and learnings from what has affectionately been dubbed the “Freedom Cycle Tour”.

Everyone has dreams, but most guys I know don’t really do anything to make them happen – to realise them.

It was great that Gareth shared one of my big dreams – to head off to Italy riding a bike with minimal luggage and literally no plans.

Guess what? I took the risk and did it! I have always been a traveller, but this was different. Nothing could compare with the amazing feeling of freedom that I experienced, a feeling that surprisingly, has lasted well beyond the trip itself.

It was on day two of the ride when I pinched myself and asked “Is this really happening? To me?”. Can people just get up off the couch and do this? Can they? I realised you can. But you have to break your old habits to do it. You have to let go of the belief that there are “reasons” why you shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t.

I now have the “freedom bug”. I truly believe it is just a matter of taking the first step – and it doesn’t have to be a giant step to start moving in a new direction and create change in your life.

Maybe we should all say – “Don’t die wondering” and mean it.

Eight men planned to go on our Italian trip late last year. Five did it. Three men let their life get in the way of “their life”. Don’t be one of the three.