This afternoon (Friday 30th August)  I am going to Geelong for the Memorial Service being held at the Geelong Cats for Legendary Player Polly Farmer. His well-publicised State Funeral was earlier this week. 

Polly was a teammate of mine, my first Captain and my last Coach at Geelong. We had a difficult relationship, but as I wrote in an article for the Sunday Age following his death, we made peace in the later years of both of our lives. If you haven’t read the article, I have attached it to this Blog and hope you enjoy it.

In the context of Life Again and the work we are doing with White fellas and Black fellas in the Outback and our philosophy of “No Change Without Understanding,” one of the lessons I learnt was that I never “knew” the Polly I played with and was coached by. It was only in the book “Polly Farmer A Biography” written by Steve Hawke and originally published in 1994 that I read about his upbringing in Sister Kate’s home for Aboriginal children in Perth. It was so different from what I might have imagined at the time had I known. We didn’t know.

We still don’t know about our magnificent First Peoples. We should be so proud of their story in the life of this nation. We should all try harder.