I came to Australia in 2007 from India for my Masters degree and I didn’t have any friends or family in Melbourne. Things over here were very different from my hometown, everything was new to me in terms of culture, language and people.

Over the time period I made lot of new friends around the world but I realised I am still missing on that one person who could guide me through and with whom I could share everything, even those things that I couldn’t share with my friends and family.

I was working with a company where I was supposed to make calls to business clients and fix an appointment with them. One day, having hard luck in doing so I came across a client named Barry Harvey who finally gave me an appointment. I was very pleased with his persona and his helpful attitude in the very first meeting. Gradually, we started meeting very often and I had a new friend in Melbourne, in fact I should say someone who was more than a friend to me. On various occasions he guided me through toughest of situation of my life. Once, there was a phase in my life when everything was upside down and nothing was working in my favour. I was having a tough time at work and to make it even worse my personal life was also not going great.

Away from family in a completely different country I had lost all hopes and wanted to run back to India. I called up Barry to discuss my situation and he asked me to meet him on the same evening (Note: I shouldn’t forget to mention that he had a very busy schedule that day) because from my voice he had understood that I was really stressed. We met and he helped me to overcome the situation by sharing his personal experience on how to handle those circumstances and after that meeting I walked out as a positive person who wanted to explore, learn and grow in Melbourne and in LIFE rather than running away from it. That was the day when I realised the importance of having a mentor and that’s how I found my mentor, Barry Harvey.

In my personal opinion, every young individual should have a mentor in their life. We should give education on mentoring in schools and universities and all the senior members of the community should come forward and take this as a responsibility.