In an article “Life, work in balance for PwC chief” that appeared in The Australian, Luke Sayers, CEO of PWC Australia, was with his father as he lay on his deathbed, diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) a month earlier. His father was determined to share his life mantra with his son, and told him to remember to always “keep it real. Just keep it real.”

This summed up in just three words what Sayer’s regarded as the most important thing his father taught him in his road to success as a global leader. It also hit a nerve for Gareth Andrews, Founder of Life Again, prompting him to reflect on his own life.

“When I joined the Geelong Football Club Board we wanted to and promised ourselves we would win the premiership in three years. But then we knew we had to wait, which became five and then we realised it might take seven. And we won it in eight years. What you think you can do tomorrow, takes that much longer.”

Gareth explained, “we are living in a world of rush and we want to get things done yesterday.

This is strongly apparent he said in the younger generation driven by the rise of social media, technology and the quickened pace of life.

We don’t seem to have time to think things through, and Sayer’s fathers’ words resonated with me in that I recognised the need in my own life to stop rushing in order to keep it real. There is no way you can be authentic otherwise, ” he said.

Gareth reflected, “what I’ve observed is, the people who will make it, will.”