The greatest story men can learn about life is that they are never alone. No matter what challenges we experience at different stages of our own journeys, we can be comforted by the knowledge that men, through the ages, have experienced many of these issues or similar versions them.

We can all experience sadness, unfulfillment, lethargy, anger, frustration, and loneliness. We can feel totally lost and desperate. Our lives can be taken over for a time and we are at the very edge of our being.

We can survive and we will survive.

But it requires CHANGE. Many men before you have made those changes and they are able to pass their stories onto their fellow men. This becomes part of the community of men. Learning from others. Feeling less vulnerable.

You are not alone. Through your words, you can inspire other men towards the discovery that there is, indeed, life again.

Life Again is looking for your Special Story:

The challenges you faced

How you were feeling

How you decided to change

How you took that step

How it manifests itself today

How it made you feel about yourself.




Please send your story contributions alongside your photo and a short description of yourself to

Thank you very much!