The Life Again Pillars for Men’s Health

connecting with self, connecting with others and connecting with nature to find meaning and purpose;

volunteering and giving back to the community, with an emphasis on mindful gratitude;

stories of resilience in the face of adversity, with an emphasis on sharing ideas across generations, and across cultures.

Coming out of COVID-19

The words LIFE AGAIN could not be more meaningful than they are now as as we come out of the Covid lockdown. We are ALL wanting to find our own personal life again. With our focus on prevention, we are designing programs which aim to grab hold of men (and women) before they slide into depression. We aim to guide you through the feelings and concerns that these uncertain times have brought about. And help discover where we fit in the new world.

Dynamic New Director, Barry Judd

We are delighted to welcome Barry Judd to the Life Again Board. Barry is a descendent of the Pitjantjatjara people of north-west South Australia. Barry is Professor/Director of Australian Indigenous Studies at Melbourne University. He is a leading Australian scholar on the subject of Aboriginal participation in Australian sports. He has been long time supporter of Gareth and Life Again’s goals. Read more about Barry and the rest of our board here.

Be Collective – Gratitude & Giving Back

Life Again is excited to be developing a new innovative partnership. Be Collective digitally reconceives how we connect to our community through social infrastructure. It is designed to connect us to groups and volunteering opportunities to give back. It aligns goodwill to community need with measured personal and collective impact, providing a verified social record of contribution and skill development for all. The potential wellness outcomes are powerful.

Rebuilding Our Website

Our current website is being upgraded to capture the major new directions and programs of Life Again. A dynamic new site with an exciting makeover.

Research Programs

Life Again is continuing to develop innovative programs to support men. We are very excited to be currently working with RMIT and the University of Melbourne to help shape programs that prevent the onset of mental health challenges in men in our communities, including loneliness.

Expansion of Our Aboriginal Work – No Change Without Understanding

Our current outback program is being further developed to connect with Aboriginals throughout Australia, enabling white Australians to have greater opportunities to understand our first peoples. These include those in major centres nationally (Kimberley, Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land) but also state-wide in Victoria, including the Yorta Yorta (near Shepparton) and locally in your own surrounds.

Other People’s Stories

Life Again invites like-minded individuals to share their stories with us. Get in touch, write a guest blog, simply connect with us and tell us your tale.

The key to a person facing blockages in their life is to understand that this has always been the nature of mankind. By seeing and learning from their experiences we can better understand ourselves.

Feeling Sh*thouse?

Start Life Again

Positive Health has always been our mantra. Men don’t often relate their feelings or experiences to those of anxiety or depression. They do however understand “feeling sh*thouse?”
The hectic nature of today’s world is putting enormous pressure on men’s lives. We not only forget who we are; as individuals, friends, fathers, partners, brothers etc. but we don’t seem to be able to find the tools to help us refocus and remember.
Today, it is so important that we focus on getting the best out of ourselves, at every level – spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Life Again can help men re-prioritise, re-educate, and re-learn what’s critical. So, let’s start now.