Life Again has an outstanding Board of Directors with a broad skill set. Each Director has both experience and integrity in their particular profession and within the community at large. They are all committed to the philosophies and strategies of Life Again.

Our Board works hard to ensure Life Again delivers the highest standards of performance, through governance, clear accountability and efficient budget management. The Board is responsible for reviewing the performance of the Executive Director and all staff, whether they are voluntary or not. All Board members are unpaid for their directorship of Life Again.

“All through my life I’ve been helped by good and generous people. It is my time for giving back and Life Again provides me with that opportunity in an area where I think there is genuine need” – Michael Green, Chairperson

Michael Green


Michael worked in the legal profession for 48 years, 25 years as a solicitor and 23 years as a barristers’ clerk at the Victorian Bar. He was a board member of AFL Sportsready for 13 years, a not for profit group training organisation providing education and employment opportunities to school leavers. He has also been on the boards of and worked with various charitable organisations. He played with the Richmond Football Club from 1966 to 1971 and 1973 to 1975 including the premiership teams in 1967, 1969, 1973 and 1974.

Gareth Andrews

Founder & Executive Director

B.Com(Melb.) established LA with a view to inspiring men to be their best. Gareth has been a successful businessman, sportsman, sporting administrator, journalist, writer and father but at various times he has fought his own demons. Based on these experiences through critical years of his life, he is aware of the pitfalls men face and how this can lead to feelings of loss, disillusion, unfulfilment, sadness and depression. LA is a way to guide men through this pathway.

Luke Hannebery

Board Member

Luke is a founder and Director of Bunch Group, a specialist communications and engagement firm, who partner some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest businesses and brands to help bring their strategy to life.

Over the last 15 years he has established a unique proposition that connects people, organizations and performance. Through creative ideas, stories and experiences, his focus is to help organizations shift the way people think, feel and behave. Luke is a passionate family man and a Life member of The Old Xaverians Football Club.

David Lurie

Board Member

David is a Partner in the Commercial Law Firm, B2B Lawyers. He has worked closely with and within the merchant banking, public company, education and charity sectors for more than 30 years. 

David specialises in corporate fundraising, directors’ duties, ASX Compliance, commercialisation of intellectual property, corporate restructuring, international joint ventures and licensing, estate and succession planning, asset protection, insolvency and corporate work-out and restructuring strategies. He is a director of the NGO Eat Up Limited which is a community-based programme that prepares and delivers lunches to primary school students in need at 500+ schools. David holds a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce.

Clint McDonnell

Board Member

A well-known Melbourne identity, Clint has a background in finance, fitness and aged care. With a broad range of interests, Clint can relate to, and understand, the needs of most Australian men. He joins the Board with a focus on developing programs that give men – and women – opportunities to think beyond the confines of the day to day drudgery of modern life.

Clint has worked as a Chartered Accountant, Marketing Manager of Mushroom Records and owned a number of  health clubs. He currently owns Australia’s largest labour supply company, providing Wellbeing staff to Aged Care homes.

Bernie Tuck

Board Member

Bernie Tuck is a passionate member of our Life Again Board. He has been a leader in Foreign Exchange Markets for the past 15 years. 

At 40 he has been through both the high and the low times in life and is thus committed to helping other men through tough times. He also takes much joy in giving back which is key to driving happiness and purpose.

Barry Judd

Board Member

Barry Judd is a descendent of the Pitjantjatjara people of north-west South Australia, British immigrants and Afghan cameleers. He is a leading Australian scholar on the Aboriginal participation in Australian sports. He has been awarded a number of category one research grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and is published widely.  His research interest straddles several disciplines including history, sociology, political science, public policy and environmental science.  Barry also has a deep interest in the ethical frameworks that govern and direct research engagements with Indigenous peoples.  Barry has an outstanding record of scholarly publication that includes one monograph and two edited book volumes.

Rob Wise

Board Member

Rob is driven by a love of social enterprise, community and technology. With a background in psychology and marketing, he has a passion for social responsibility in business which began well over 30 years ago with his family’s operation of The Body Shop in Australia and New Zealand. His work in various social enterprise and technology initiatives draws experience from the Wise Foundation which established The Big Issue, Buffed and the Wise Barista Program.

Rob believes in good people coming together to achieve great things and takes pride in the strength of relationships and the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds a shared sense of purpose.

Nick Columb

Director of Positive Health Programs

Nick brings a wealth of experience in the men’s mental health space along with expertise as a men’s psychotherapist. Nick has developed and run innovative programs, workshops, retreats for men of all backgrounds with a focus on preventative and positive mental health outcomes.

Nick’s vision for Life Again’s programs is to support men to be in a positive state of mind; get the best out of life through cultivating meaningful connections and building deep and lasting relationships to self and others, engagement, use of talents, sharing one’s story and contributing meaningfully to the world.