In a world of tension, self-questioning and disruption of meaningful social engagement, it’s time for men to reconnect, renew and reengage with what counts.

Over a number of years now Life Again has taken small groups of men from all walks of life, including the Corporate world, out into Central Australia for positive dialogue and practice. It is fun.

Run in conjunction with outstanding Aboriginal leaders and living on indigenous lands, it is an amazingly fulfilling experience. Away from the pressures of life, men get to see stunning parts of our country and meet very special people.

Without the incessant hindrance of mobile phones, participants are offered new and exciting challenges.

These can be practical, physical, emotional and spiritual but never in a boot camp format.

By listening to aboriginals tell their stories around the campfire, cooking in camp ovens and sleeping under the stars, we can finally make sense of our lives- and decide on personal adjustments we might need to make.

  • We learn about ourselves.
  • We learn about Aboriginal Australians.
  • We learn about our beautiful country in the Red Earth centre.

If you are interested in joining us on an Outback Trip and would like to know more, please email us at

* Trips are only made in the winter months.

7 Days to Stop, in Order to Start Again


Monday 1st June to Saturday 6th June

Sunday 19th July to Friday 24th July

Sunday 2nd August to Friday 7th August

Sunday 16th August to Friday 21st August

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“The journey was a truly life changing experience and put me in a space I never thought I would venture to. We were taken out of our comfort zone and travelled through a life experience so special that words cannot adequately describe.”

Michael Glen, Lawyer