Life Again’s On Country Experiences are powerful in ways than cannot necessarily be defined by the human vocabulary, the magic one experiences must be lived in order to understand the profound impact.

A depth of connection to self, other and nature; the ancient wisdom imparted through the sharing of the old stories to the privileged few; and contributing meaningfully to a better world…this is truly a life changing experience. These experiences, whilst organised by Life Again are run by Aboriginal Leaders who take us on a journey to share their culture and beliefs.

“Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live or breathe.”
Mudrooroo, Aboriginal Writer

Over a number of years now Life Again has taken small groups of men from all walks of life, including the Corporate world, out into Central Australia for positive dialogue and practice. We connect with local Victorian Aboriginal communities with the intention of delivering mutually beneficial positive mental health outcomes and promote meaningful connection between Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and their communities.

On Country Experiences are run in conjunction with outstanding Aboriginal leaders living on indigenous lands, it is an amazingly fulfilling experience. Away from the pressures of life, men get to see stunning parts of our country and meet very special people.

This ground-breaking program combines our Positive Mental Health objectives with our Reconciliation objectives, validated by Positive Psychology evidence based best-practice and co-created with respected Indigenous leaders and thought leaders. Through a natural, nonconfrontational and organic process, positive mental health outcomes are achieved while the deep connections and understanding serve as the foundation for developing ongoing sustainable connection between Indigenous, non-Indigenous men and nature.

Our focus is on sustaining and embedding positive change. On-Country Experiences begin well before actually stepping onto sacred Indigenous lands, our programming is complimented by our evidence based Positive Mental Health workshop series and Indigenous cultural awareness training embedded through unique pathway programs made available to participants following the On Country Experience in order to sustain and grow relationships in a positive way.

Through a deep sense of connection, storytelling and meaningful contribution men will be supported to connect with themselves, others and nature in powerful and meaningful ways – an experience some men may never have had.

Some of things you can expect from Life Again’s On Country Experience:

  • A deep sense of connection to yourself, others and nature
  • Gain essential tools you need to live a powerful, positive and satisfying life
  • Learn about, and connect with Aboriginal culture and history from respected Elders in the community
  • Lay solid foundations for developing ongoing sustainable connection between Indigenous and non-Indigenous men
  • Learn about our beautiful country and the old ways
  • Gain ancient wisdom imparted through the sharing of the old stories told by Indigenous men around the campfire
  • Share and connect with your own story

If you are interested in joining us on an On Country Experience and would like to know more, please email us at


“The journey was a truly life changing experience and put me in a space I never thought I would venture to. We were taken out of our comfort zone and travelled through a life experience so special that words cannot adequately describe.”

Michael Glen, Lawyer