I always say the highlight was the days at Johnny Liddle’s, a once in a lifetime insight into our first peoples.

Ray Wilson

Gareth Andrews is singlehandedly trying to reverse 240 years of Australian history by exposing non-Aboriginal Australians to an Aboriginal perspective, given on country, by the traditional owners of that land.

Martin Flanagan

Journalist & Author

A few days with others listening and discussing with traditional owners on their land enlightened me. I appreciate better the importance of land culture and language. It also gave me a better appreciation of the challenges faced. Meeting Johnny Liddle and some of his extended family was a real treat. Well done Gareth.

Leigh Clifford AO

Former CEO, Rio Tinto & Chairman, QANTAS

Gareth, you always seem to have a transcendence that would defy curtailment. I am delighted to read that you are embracing the phenomenon (Stroke) and its ramifications with calmness and thoughtfulness. John

Thank you Gareth for speaking at the February dinner meeting of the Geelong Business Club. Your topic was very interesting and the delivery of your address certainly had our members contemplating their own situations. The members appreciated your address plus your insight into your own personal tribulations and how you overcome those problems. The President and members wish you all the best for the future. Gavin Seidel

Executive Officer, Geelong Business Club

We at Rotary Albert Park have had many fine guest speakers over the years and Gareth you were right up there with the best.
Gareth sharing your life as a high profile VFL Premiership player, co-founder of the AFL Past Players Association, successful AFL Club executive and Media personality for which you were awarded Life Membership of the AFL, Past Players Association and the Geelong Football Club was fascinating.

Yet given your VFL / AFL achievements, being successful in business and strong family support life is not always as it seems – in sharing your journey in dealing with Clinical Depression and the enormous effect it had on your career, family, friends and people around you encouraged all of us to reflect on our own lives.

Speaking about these experiences and how now through your Life Again Foundation you are taking the message to other men encouraging them to reflect on their lives, understand that it is normal to have down times and getting them to think about as to whether they had done their best work yet was inspiring to say the least

Compassionate, challenging, humorous and inspirational best describes your presentation in taking a sensitive issue head on – well done and thanks Gareth – an excellent presentation. Chris Catchlove

President, Rotary Albert Park

We were honoured to have Gareth Andrews as the special guest speaker at our Men’s Mental Health Forum. Gareth spoke candidly, willingly sharing the highs and lows he has experienced throughout his life as a high profile footballer, businessman and family man. The predominantly male audience related to his experiences and embraced his humble demeanour, as he spoke to them with great warmth, compassion and understanding. In this way he quietly imparted advice and encouraged open communication in a very palatable way, inspiring them to reflect on their lives, question their coping mechanisms and review the way they engage with family and friends. Denise Howes

Events & Communications Coordinator, BacLinks

Obviously I am not a male however I heard your interview with Neil Mitchell (Melbourne Radio 693) It was great to hear someone talking about life again. I am us for anyone who uses those words. ……love your positive message. Glenda Clark

Gareth, I think you write so well. It’s so honest, readable and inspiring! Your story and the issues you talk about are ones that many of us can relate to. The way you acknowledge those challenges and talk about how to deal with them is inspiring. When I get home I will be printing your blog and keeping it close as a reminder. Thank you. Angie