I met Gareth at a Conference in Sydney. We had a few chats and quickly identified that we shared a few interests, had experienced some similar hurdles in our lives and most importantly had both stumbled on to the importance of helping other men deal with what could be summarized as a “Mid Life Crisis”

We share our respective stories.A similar philosophy that we share is the importance of social connection through the channel of Giving and helping others.

Gareth asks the question, “Have you done your best work yet?”. I advocate “The best exercise that you can do is to help someone else who is down to get up again.”

I was really struggling in the aftermath of my younger brother’s suicide at the same time I was also seeking help for personal issues I was dealing with. He was only 40 and I was 43 at the time. One of the things that guided me through that period of chaos was to help beyondblue’s goal of Increasing Awareness and Reducing the Stigma associated with asking for help. The first significant goal that I kicked in that area was to successfully lobby Frank Costa and Jeff Kennett to get their respective football clubs, Geelong and Hawthorn, to play for the beyondblue Cup as a means of helping to support the work of beyondblue.

After selling my Real Estate business I have been lucky enough to now have the time to explore some solutions such as joining Gareth for a trip to Central Australia to share time with other men and work with some amazing Aboriginals.

In recent years I have been blown away by how enjoyable and fulfilling Volunteer Tourism can be through my role as a part of the Ali Island Project which even led to being part of a small group that solved a mystery from World War 2 about the last resting place of Sgt Leonard Siffleet whose murder in WW2 was infamously captured on an iconic photo that is now in the Australian War Memorial.