Our Purpose – Changing Society’s Future

Why Life Again?
– Our Mission
  • Thoreau said ‘Most men lead lives of quiet desperation’
  • Life Again aims to inspire, motivate and empower men to enact positive changes and behaviours
  • Life Again challenges men to put steps in place to ensure they are the best they can be for years to come
  • Who Does Life Again Benefit?
    – Our Vision
    • Our target is 30-50 year old males (knowing that our actual ‘reach’ may be broader)
    • Unlike other programs designed as prescriptions for mental health issues, Life Again is about prevention
    • This is not just about prevention of depression and anxiety, but more importantly the malaise for men which is commonly known as ‘mid-life crisis’
How Does Life Again make an Impact?
– Our Strategy (2015-2016)
  • Create unique environments and experiences to inspire men
  • Provide the tools to recognise the first signs of any issues
  • Interactive website
  • Social media
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Travel to the outback
  • Mentoring (in conjunction with Rotary)
  • Have you done your best work yet? – Giving
  • Corporate workshops
  • AFL and AFLPA

Life Again has a clear cut goal of inspiring men to be their best. This can come about through preparedness to change and enabling them to explore their authenticity through meaningful activity.

Life Again will provide men with inspiring programs which provide them with the opportunity to connect such as travel with a purpose, giving back to communities, seminars and talks and the sharing of stories and articles that inspire thoughts of possibility.

Through the Blog and writings of Gareth and other men, including their stories of change, men may learn they are not alone in their journey through life.

Life Again will be innovative and have a strong on-line presence as well as developing a responsible commercially sound Not for Profit Foundation.

It plans to grow and broaden its program and services but in its earliest stages it will concentrate on the Power of Giving through the challenging question of Have You Done Your Best Work Yet?


To connect with men throughout Australia and be a resource to help them through the midlife minefields.

Life Again will consistently introduce and offer new and challenging programs within a transparent and carefully researched structure.

To unlock and develop responsive programs and opportunities aimed at creating a space for men to connect and expose their authentic selves.