When Gareth first approached Yoke explaining his organisation and requesting to have a website developed, Yoke was immediately touched by his cause. Gareth’s history and inspiring life journey spoke mountains to the team. The work carried out by Life Again helps many find their way in life, again. In admiration of the work Life Again had implemented, Yoke not only wanted to develop a website, but furthermore help create a brand worthy of the attention it deserved. Over the last year and half, Yoke has worked closely with Gareth to understand his brief and values. During this time, Yoke worked to the best of their ability to provide great results which reflect his work and achievements to date.

Here’s what Gareth Andrews, Director of LifeAgain Foundation, has to say about Yoke:

Gareth Andrews Testimonial to Yoke Design


Yoke is a multi-functional creative agency based inside an old brick building in Collingwood, Melbourne. They work across design, digital, brand and media. They love function and purpose as much as beauty and creativity, and call on them all to help make great ideas that look the business. They also love coffees.

Their approach to each project is the same. They listen carefully, ask the right questions and don’t ask them twice. Then they sit down and think hard about the answers before they do anything else – maybe get a coffee first though.

The work they produce is all the better for it. Their design is tasked and their brands have stories. They know how to engage, inform and entice response from those you seek through meaningful messages delivered in new and interesting ways.

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